Best Quote O’ The Day

This is ripped directly from The Corner over at NRO:

Pentagon says this is merely more opportunistic target-whacking not the full tilt boogie for freedom and justice.


Spectacles of Power

Here’s my question:

Does Pearle Vision have some sort of discount for tinhorn third world dictators? They must get the same catalog in the mail. Take a look:

Maybe they have the same HMO.

Fidel, too?

Is there some sort of International Socialist Optometrist Society I’m unaware of?
Papa Kim gets in on the action:

Thankfully, Fidel dumped his older ones:

There must be some Image Solidarity Movement amongst “Socialist” dictators.

Or maybe they’re all trying to look like Kissinger.

Of course, President Jiang was a trend-setter too:

And Wen Jibao is looking to continue the trend:

Dogs. Cats. [God’s] good pleasure. I’ll explain more in the morning.

Chirac PS

Best. Fark. Photoshop. Ever.

View with caution, as I got some very strange looks from coworkers as I tried to stifle my guffaws.

Dig it.

Saddam Heisman pt. II

So, I’m just wondering, how often does Saddam Hussein get to Northeast Philadelphia?

Saddam Heisman(?)

I saw a great bilboard on I95 North tonight. It featured a large picture of Saddam Hussein on the left side, striking an almost Heisman-worthy pose. The text read (and I’m paraphrasing here, as I can’t remember the exact words):

Mister Hussein:
Give Peace A Chance
Go Into Exile

The sight so suprised me that I very nearly ran my car off the road.

I’ll see if I can find a picture.

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