Bias, Thy Name Is “Passive Voice”

My wife noted this morning that there’s something wrong when CNN and Al Jazeera correspondents have been kicked out of Iraq and Newsday journalists have been thrown into prison, yet NPR remains in Baghdad. Today’s disgraceful report on the suicide/homicide car bombing in N-central Iraq very nearly pushed me over the edge.
NPR is truly disgusting. Their use of the passive voice in reporting this story made me almost have to pull my SUV, so blind was my fury.
They stated “A car blew up at a military checkpoint in north-central Iraq, killing 3 coalition special forces troops, a pregnant woman and the driver.” That evil car! How dare it take innocent human lives? When will we demand less-psychotic automobiles from Detroit? It’s a conspiracy between Big Business (controlled by the J E W S, no doubt), the Federal government (mandatory car counseling, now!) and the UAW, who coddle each Neon in its infancy, lulling it to sleep each night with stories of the evil American Capitalist/Imperialist Hegemony.
No mention of “suicide bombing.” Absolutely atrocious.
Small wonder that the remaining journalistic elements in Baghdad seem to consist of Peter Arnett, a German TV reporter and an NPR reporterette.