Bah, Says I

As Andy(I) helpfully pointed out, this past weekend was host to this year’s incarnation of the historical rivalry between Lehigh University and Lafayette College. Unfortunately, Lehigh snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yet again, making them losers in 3 out of the last 4 contests against the hated LepersLeopards. Coach Higgins, come back!
The weekend was enjoyable otherwise, as my wife, Will and I headed up to Lehigh for the tailgates and then made our way back to Little Doug’s house to catch the end of the game. We got to see friends that we hadn’t seen in quite a while and then spent the evening hanging out with Little Doug, Andy and his wife and Aron and Heather. Andy hooked us up with 32 pounds(!) of Ronzoni pasta, courtesy of his current employer, which means that we’ll be eating carbos till the cows come home. We hit Outback Steakhouse, which has always been and continues to be wildly overpriced, for dinner and then headed back to L.D.’s house for a bit, after which my family and I headed home. It was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday, except of course for the humiliating defeat. I just know Brad is going to be insufferable, seeing as his teams won out the weekend. Ahh well.

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  1. Of The Game: Aron put it best as he turned to me, midway through the 3rd quarter:
    “We would be doing much better if our receivers were 15 feet taller…”
    THAT is how bad it was. And don’t get me started on that final touchdown by Laugh-ayette, which happened literally in front of me…Worst defensive effort – EVER.

  2. gee Doug, Heather gets a name but I haven’t graduated from “and his wife” yet? I see how it is… 😉
    (At least I’m not refered to as “and Andy’s baby momma”)

  3. Heh. Well, y’see, I like to leave peoples’ family out of it unless they explicitly bring ’em in themselves. Aron and Heather both post to Rubinium, but thus far Andy has refrained from using your name publicly (as have I in re: my wife).
    I suppose it’s a bit silly and old-fashioned, but hey, I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

  4. I choose to leave certain things up for mystery. Heck, I typically don’t use any of their real names (ok, sometimes I slip), but definitely only after they have in some way beforehand. For example: Brad posts as brad. He’s now fair game. However, outing his middle name (though Doug’s is more interesting BY FAR) is a major web faux-paux.

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