Great, Now I Can Look Twice As Dorky AND Twice As Elitist

So I installed MacSaber the instant I heard of it because, well, I’m a total geek and the concept of turning my MacBook Pro into a light saber was just too good to pass up. It works well, a little too well, if you ask me. Be on the lookout for Ghyslain-alikes popping up left and right on YouTube any day now…

Klaatu! Verata! Necktie… Nectar… Nickel…

Well, it looks as if I can put a stop to my pursuit of a Grand Army of the Undead, as I finally brought Oracle to heel this morning.

And all it took was 20 hours of research on Google, a maraton session on Metalink, an application of an Oracle patch or three, 45 minute runs of catpatch.sql, catalog.sql and catnools.sql and a sprinkling of goats’ blood.

Okay, I made that last part up. I’m moving everything to Postgres as soon as I can.