It’s splitsville for Barbie and Ken

I heard about this one on WPHT on the way home from work yesterday and I just had to chuckle. It almost reads like an Onion article.
Apparently, Ken and Barbie are splitting up in the grand tradition of celebrity couples everywhere.
The article gives a few reasons for the breakup, varying from Barbie’s career to Ken’s reluctance to get married.
Personally, I think Ken really wanted to travel more and Barbie being banned in Saudi Arabia was really cramping his style.
Maybe he’s another Johnny Walker, James Yee or Ryan Anderson in the making…? Be on the lookout for the upcoming Jihad Ken doll, which will come complete with a fake Syrian passport, a folder full of U.S. gov’t secrets and a note in the box directing kids to the ClearGuidance/SoundVision forums.
The plot thickens!