It’s… Super Democrat!

Just caught an amusing moment on CNN Headline News as I was walking through the lobby – they were running footage from the Fleet Center floor, showing the last minute preparations for the DNC and they had captioned it “Democrats Assemble”.
Any Comic Book Geek worth his salt would have immediately seen this as a riff on the old Avengers’ war cry – “Avengers Assemble!” This raises a few interesting points:

  1. Is there a CBG on the captioning staff at CNN?
  2. Who’s in the Democratic Avengers?
  3. Who, in their right minds, wants to see Michael Moore in spandex?

As always, Fark proves an invaluable resource and I can now offer some answers to #2:

John & John

Aren’t they just precious?

The Duke just brings it.

Dukakis brings the mad phunk.

Teddy - born to swim!

No comment.

Too easy. Just too easy.

Michael Moore == The Blob.
But what if Johnandjohn had to go their separate ways? They just might have solo careers:

Kerry Smash! Grrrr!

Kerry Smash! But only if French okay with it!


Were you injured in an auto accident? We can help, in a Flash!
‘Course, I’d take good ol’ Cap’n and the Punisher over that crew any day:

Where's Bucky?

Remember: don't %$^* with The Cheney.


Ms. Rice can bring electricity to any platform.


Gah! My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!
Click the pics for the full-sizers.