Scottish Slang Meets The Real World

My wife called me canny yesterday and explicitly referenced my post on the subject. Here’s the backstory:
It’s been quite cold here in the eastern half of the U.S. the last few days and, shortly before bed last night, my wife suddenly realized that she had left her face lotion in the car. She wondered aloud whether the cold might adversely affect the lotion. I answered her in the affirmative (at least, I’m assuming that freezing a bottle of lotion does bad things to the lotion…). She then proceeded to say that it didn’t matter either way – if it ruined the lotion, we’d just buy more.
Quick quiz: being a generally tight-fisted person of Scots-Irish descent, my reaction was:

  1. Agree with my wife, roll over in the bed and go to sleep.
  2. Assume that the lotion was as good as lost and plot our next trip to the store to pick more up
  3. Hastily throw on jeans and shoes and trudge out into the cold in order to spend five minutes looking through the car to hunt down the bottle in question in order to avoid spending another seven to ten dollars on a new bottle.

If you guessed 3, you’d be correct.