“Digital Lynch Mobs”

I know I haven’t blogged about the Eason Jordan “US military is targeting journalists in Iraq” scuffle that ended in Jordan’s resignation from CNN, but apparently some of our friends on the leftish side of the political spectrum have taken exception to the way that the right side of the blogosphere “targeted” Jordan, even going so far as to call them a lynch mob. Frank J. has posted an editorial in response to those critics entitled “We’re Like Digital Lynch Mobs… Minus the Lynching… And the Mobs (We Are Digital, Though)“.

His summation is key:

Of course, many bloggers see themselves as doing the job the old dinosaur of the MSM [Mainstream Media -ed.] is failing to do. A great many people saw the Eason Jordan remarks as a legitimate story, but there was no push by the MSM to pursue it. Truth was sought, not a lynching. Plus, most bloggers I have met in person are crotchety loners who are uncomfortable in large crowds, so the mob part is slander.

Still, Steve Lovelady, managing editor of CJR [Columbia Journalism Review -ed.] Daily, referred to the bloggers’ actions in the Eason Jordan incident saying, “The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail.” Of course, since it’s only us bloggers – the salivating morons in lynch mobs – who seem to be prevailing at anything these days, what does that make the MSM? Drooling retard loners?

I guess there is a real fear of us now, as even I have more intelligent dialogue than that on my humble little blog – and I’m trying to be an idiot.