Vaguely Disturbing/Humorous Spam Email Of The Day

The following spam email:

Subject: Re: Slutty Housewires Cheats on husband [emphasis mine. -ed.]
From: Concern R. Inclosed < [email address deleted]>
To: [me]
What are the washing instructions?
[spam link clipped]
The less routine the more life.
[another spam link clipped]

gave rise to the following IM conversation with Brad (not to mention the question: “What, precisely, are the washing instructions for slutty housewires?”):

(11:06:35)ZaMoose610: I just got a spam advertising "Slutty Housewires"
(11:06:40)Brad : woohoo
(11:06:42)ZaMoose610: I’m not quite sure how to take that
(11:06:43)Brad : LOL
(11:07:04)ZaMoose610: Whoever this "Concern R. Inclosed" fellow is, he sure is demented.
(11:07:11)Brad : my phone wire is slutty
(11:07:16)Brad : so is my toaster wire
(11:07:21)ZaMoose610: heh
(11:07:31)Brad : bad toaster wire, your naughty
(11:07:34)ZaMoose610: they’ll put out electricity for any appliance
(11:07:46)Brad : those whore appliances
(11:07:57)ZaMoose610: Oh, Jeffrey….!
(11:08:09)Brad : do you know where that plug has been!
(11:08:35)Brad : psst…they’ve got DC
(11:09:02)ZaMoose610: Mmmmm, European slutty housewires. They do it 220 style there.
(11:09:25)Brad : oooh

Gadzooks, we’re such geeks.