This is ridiculous. I’ve been looking for a multi-user, multi-platform calendaring system for a long, long time and have yet to find a decent solution. How stinking hard can it be?
I don’t care if it’s Open Source or commercial – I want something that:

  • Runs and syncs on Solaris, Mac OSX, Linux and Windows
  • Rich client (read: not web-based) on each of the above-mentioned operating systems
  • Allows for server-side configurable reminders
  • Allows for reservation of resources, such as conference rooms, overhead projectors, loaner laptops, etc.
  • Allows for groups of users in order to easily schedule large-scale meetings
  • Allow for proxies, so administrative assistants can set up meetings for their bosses

And really, I don’t need any more than that. I don’t need a “groupware” solution. We already have task tracking, code repositories, file sharing and webmail. Oracle Calendaring is blatant overkill, Meetingmaker stinks to high heaven and won’t do server-side reminders, Open Exchange simply won’t work for me, OpenGroupware (egah!) is, once again, overkill, Hula Server looks nice but isn’t much more than an email server at the moment.
It can’t be difficult, can it? Why doesn’t someone write a SOAP-based server that would let anything hit it? Why must we always involve the ever-so-vile WebDAV?
Gah. I’m beyond frustrated.