Episode III Ponderables

Varifrank has gracioulsy offered Star Wars fans a list of 15 things to think about before seeing Episode III, featuring such pressing questions as:

13. Do they give lightsabers to Jedi because they are such bad shots with blasters that light sabers just limit them to destroying things they can actually touch instead of sending streams of indiscriminate fire around the neighborhood every time they think there’s an emergency?
10. Why can’t anyone manage to shoot straight in “A galaxy far,far away”? I mean if you took the helmets off the imperial stormtroopers would they all have “Marty Feldman eyes”? Think about it, 10 stormtroopers shoot at the Millennium Falcon across a hangar and not one of them manages to hit the damn thing, even though they can just reach out and touch it. And what’s the sense in wearing all that stormtrooper armor if you are going to fall down like a sack of potatoes with one shot?
7. For a smuggler, Han Solo doesn’t seem to ever carry anything in his Space Ship. My Theory? Han Solo is an undercover narcotics officer.