Punishing Labour?

I haven’t seen any confirmation of this on any of the reputable news sites, but Rush Limbaugh has made several statements over the last hour alluding to the fact that preliminary exit polling in the UK is indicating an unexpected Tory victory.
I can’t quite tell if he’s being sarcastic and trying to “influence” Labour voters to stay home, similar to the early call of Florida in 2000, or whether Tony Blair and his party are indeed headed for an electoral defeat.
I’m of two minds on this: I think Tony Blair is a man of great conviction and has been a wonderful international leader for Britain and it will indeed be sad if the Torries ride to victory by playing the anti-war card against a war they themselves overwhelmingly supported.
On the other hand, I think Blair’s domestic policies are pants (as the Brits might say) and that his push for full European Union membership, adoption of the Euro and the banning of fox hunting may well have signalled his party’s electoral downfall.
We’ll see when the returns start coming in.