Helpful Advice For Prospective Clone Owners

While I may have some slight misgivings about becoming a parent, I am very glad that my wife and I have opted not to pursue the cloning option. John Scalzi offers several little known facts about clones and in doing so validates our decision to avoid bringing a Doug rev. 2 into the world.
For instance:

2. Many of you will think that once you’ve created a clone, you can get it to do all your work for you while you lounge on the deck, drinking a frosty mug of brew. What is rather more likely to happen is that your clone will be just as lazy as you are and will tell you to mow your own [darn] lawn, and then grab the remote to watch Sports Center. Adding additional clones does not help the situation; what you end up with is a couch full of people who look just like you, mocking you about your work habits. You want someone to mow the lawn, hire a gardener.
5. Tangentially related: Evil clone? Never happens. Bitter, sarcastic clone? Every freakin’ time.

Heh. Go ye and read.