Indy Gaming Makes Electronic Arts Weep

If you’re not hitting The Independent Gaming Source regularly, you’re missing out on a lot. There’s a lot of exciting development going on in the independent gaming sector, not least of which is the forthcoming Fez. Watch the trailer below and just try to avoid having your mind blown:

Holy cow. Now, Fez isn’t available at the moment, true, but I’ll let you in on a secret: Bonesaw is, and it’s a full 7 shades of awesome. It plays like a mixture of Kirby’s Adventure, Mega Man and Final Fight, if that makes a lick of sense. Peep the trailer below for a better idea of what I’m talking about:
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It’s Like Watching Two Drunken Frat Boys Fight. On Ice. Also, They’re Epileptic.

I stumbled across Sumotori today and have to admit that I found myself giggling like a little girl as I participated in what is ostensibly a virtual “sumo” wrestling match but what more closely resembles, well, watch the preview video:

Heh. The two sumos are self-balancing and are controlled by just four keys – start match, move forward, shove one hand, shove both. The physics system handles the rest. Kinda like Toribash, only smaller, simpler and way less bloody.