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Your Scottish Slang Word O’ The Day: Wabbit

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Thirteenth in a series

(wah·bit) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~adj.
1. exhausted, out of breath, unable to function due to extreme tiredness (as in “Playin’ wi’ thae weans has gote me wabbit“). [similar to puggled]

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  1. david mcphillips david mcphillips

    After climbing up Kaimes Road and crossing over to descend via Clermiston I felt fair wabbit ,a mix of feeling faint, even ill and due to asthma and old age and forgetting to take my inhaler.
    Another day I decided to set in line most of the thirty 3×2 concrete slabs laid originally to park my car off road following which I was fair puggled but far from ill.

    Dave – short for the Gaelic Daibhidh

  2. Joyce brown Joyce brown

    Can you tell me the correct spelling of the phrase, fair ferfauchen, my granny always said this when she was really tired and struggling. Thank you

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