3 thoughts on “This Is Why The Nazis Lost WWII

  1. It is interesting to note, that 90% of projects researched by DARPA (defense advanced research projects agency) fail to materialize.

  2. Don’t be ragging on DARPA (an organization with whom I’m quite familiar, thankyouverymuch). I mean, if it weren’t for them, who would be building super-strong exoskeletons for our next generation of soldiers or funding self-driving autonomous deathbots or developing killer nanomachines capable of wiping out entire cities?

    Besides, the progression went: DARPAnet->ARPAnet->Internet, so thank your lucky stars that DARPA funds all sorts of “crazy” projects like the “Internet[s]”.

  3. Whoa now. I’m not criticizing. I’m just pointing out that to make serious technological military advances you have to pursue a lot of eventual dead ends.