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  • Rack Stanking: The Perils Of An Inferior System (Stack Ranking)

    I came across an article on Slate this morning bemoaning the “Stack Ranking” employee rating system employed by Microsoft (and apparently pioneered by Jack Welch at GE). I’ve had some experience in companies employing a stack ranking system, or one very close to such a system and so I took to Twitter with a few…

  • Post-2010-Election Thoughts

    Post-2010-Election Thoughts

    I’ve studiously avoided posting much in the way of politically-tinged content here for at least a few years — I’ve constrained much of my flip commentary to my Twitter account, but my thoughts on yesterday’s election results exceed that limited format, so if you’ll bear with me for the span of a post, I’d like…

  • This Is Why GReader’s “Like It” Functionality Is Stupid

    I mean, did people like the fact that Kennedy died, or did they appreciate Gruber pointing it out, or…? And yes, this same complaint extends to Facebook, Friendfeed and any other “social” service that employs such a limited functional metaphor for “I thought this piece of information was important and would like to bring it…

  • Internet Future-/Navel-Gazing

    A quick thought (and corresponding question) occurred to me: Bill Clinton was the first President to face opponents on the Internet, George W. Bush the first to face organized opposition, and Barack Obama the first to capably utilize that opposition to get elected. What “first” will the next President likely face?

  • Seven Years Later

    Today hurt. This beautiful Thursday was eerily reminiscent of that clear Tuesday seven years ago. I’ve little to say, other than that the Big Picture’s collection of 9/11-related photos is well worth a look.

  • Wildly Inappropriate Bathroom Music Selections, August 2008 Edition

    Thanks, WJJZ, for Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at 11:15 in the A.M. Nothing spices up a trip to the loo like that song, eh wot?

  • This Is What I’m On About

    I’ve been boycotting the Beijing Olympics because, well, the whole thing’s a giant sham meant to legitimize a horrendous, totalitarian regime. Seems like ESPN’s Rick Reilly agrees with me. I’d offer a blockquote from the story, except it’s one giant image, so let this pullquote from the beginning suffice, then head over and read the…

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Please check the following CNN story and tell me if you can spot the problem. Here, let’s zoom in a bit closer: Yes, that’s right — there apparently exists a sufficiently large portion of the buying populace willing to subscribe to a periodical entirely devoted to large, immobile buildings that rarely change and are seldom…

  • World Ends, Geeks Hardest Hit

    Egads! I just tried to hit Amazon and saw the following: …Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria! How long has it been since I’ve seen Amazon “down”? Fortunately, it came right back after ~30 seconds or so. Phew, crisis averted…!

  • Run For Your Lives!

    If Matt Damon and Tom Brady somehow managed to collectively father a love child and that child grew up, got himself an agent and began doing modeling for stock photography sites, it is my contention that said child would look exactly like the lad gracing the Fusion Charts Free page: Egads! I shall call him…