Neo Hides from Lumbergh

Pretty much perfect.

Pixar Prequel — Por Que?

Did we really need Monsters University?:

Please let this be in the Toy Story 2 mold and NOT the Cars 2 one.

Wreck-It Ralph

This looks like it’ll be a hoot. I really like what the post-Pixar-merger Disney is coming out with these days.

“Zombie… BAD GUY!” “Hi, Zombie!”

I imagine Wreck-It Ralph apps for iOS and Android will be releasing soon…

It Doesnae Get Enny Bettar

Pixar’s Brave.

Ridiculously psyched.

How “Jedi” Should Have Ended

Pretty spot-on, honestly.

Clever Post Title

Hyperbolic statement of praise! Overt statement requesting readership views video embedded above, delivered in interrogatory format.

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