Where’s Frank Rizzo When You Need Him?

This morning’s commute was a rough one, as “peace activists” decided to stage a march from the Liberty Bell to the Federal Building. This had, how shall we say, an adverse effect on my overall commute time. It seemed to back traffic up just about everywhere, but most noticeably on Broad Street, my primary route to work.
So, as I’m sitting in the car, thinking “Stupid hippies! If Rizzo was still commish, he’d have the Brute Squad down here, crackin’ some skulls!”, I hear the local news report that the protestors were hoping for “about a hundred” people to be arrested by the Philly P.D. The newscaster then reports that things didn’t quite go to plan.
The Federal building, being Federal property, gives proper jurisdiction to the U.S. Marshalls, who showed up in force and hauled the protestors off, while the Philly P.D. merely stood by in an “advisory role” (read: got a good laugh at the protestors’ antics).
I just keep getting the image of Tommy Lee Jones slapping some plasticuffs on some Dirty Hippies™. It is to laugh.