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Uh Oh

A call to Brad: You wouldn’t still have those X-COM install floppies from all those years back, wouldja? ‘Cause they would come in mighty handy in being able to play MULTIPLAYER X-COM.</drool> Otherwise, it’s off to Gnutella to see what…

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LinuxWorld Expo 2004

Arrrrgh! Blogger ate my post! Well, here goes another try. I originally wrote up an email recap of Linux World 2004 in NYC for my teammates at work. What follows is a slightly-edited reprint of said email: LinuxWorld proved interesting…

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Assorted Reviews

[Originally created a week ago and just completed/posted today] I haven’t blogged in a while, so I thought I would run down some of the excellent media experiences I’ve encountered recently. Jak II. Extremely entertaining. Mix the first J&D game…

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