Shock n’ Awe Overload

Sick and tired of the already trite phrase “shock and awe”? This thread over on Fark has some suggestions.
Among the best suggestions are:

  • Old and Busted, New Hotness campaign
  • Shizzle and awizzle
  • Bomb, Rinse, Repeat
  • “Assisted Urban Renewal”
  • Shock and awwwwww Allah why you not stop these bombs?
  • ArabDisney: Phase One
  • The “Jumpin’ Allah on pogo stick!” phase
  • Operation Strategery
  • Operation Cut Off My Favorite Late Night Shows With Too Much News Coverage
  • The “I wasn’t bluffing” phase
  • The Spielberg and Bruckheimer phase
  • Sheik and bake

And, best of all

  • Jacques AND Aauugh!