Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

My wife and I came home the other day to find a bit of a surprise in our mailbox:
What? Shuffleboard already?
(Click the thumbnail to see a larger version or click here to see a monstrous version.)
Now, I know I’ve been feeling a bit “old” lately, but sheesh, how’d they get my name? Doesn’t the “R” in AAbleedin’ RP mean anything anymore?
Maybe I can play this to my advantage…
Dinner at 4:30. Half-price tickets to just about everything. Shuffleboard. Complaining about the younger generation and their darn music.
Maybe this won’t turn out so bad after all.

2 Replies to “Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!”

  1. you get to poo your pants and not be ashamed about it, blame your faulty colon! Thats alot of dung! Oops I crapped my pants

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