There’s a gent at work by the name of P. Rosenfeld (name foreshortened to protect the innocent) who tends to have an odd outlook on life but whose company I wouldn’t trade for much of anything. He’s one of the crew with whom I walk before lunch each day and he can always be counted upon to lighten the conversation. He also tends to have a poor Rosenfeld-to-normal person filter which often results in statements that are simultaneously insightful, bizarre and hilarious. (He once asked the rest of us if we had seen “Gay Advice for the Straight Man” and what we thought of it).
I’ve decided to catalog his statements, primarily for the amusement of others, but also for archival purposes – some of his statements are too good to be lost to the ravages of history. In honor of our network username assignment scheme (under which he’s known as “prosenfe” – pronounced pro-zenn-fee) I’ve decided to call these statements “Prosenfeldisms”.
For the inaugural Prosenfeldism, I thought one from earlier this week would be appropriate.
Aron and I were talking with P. about the new Coke “C2” product and he asked what could possibly make up for the loss of sugary flavor due to Coke stripping a good portion of the sugar out of C2. I replied that it was made up primarily of Splenda, at least as far as I had heard.
He replied “Oh, I’ve tried Splenda. It tastes like evil sugar.”
After Aron and I were done wiping our tears of mirth from our eyes, I solemnly pledged to post about “evil sugar” and, well, here it is.
More later (when next P. utters some unintenionally profound truth, I suppose).