Master Your Vocabulary

…Or your vocabulary will become your master. Or summat like that, I dunno.
Seems as though Aron was terribly, mysteriously ahead of the curve when he called out our current crop of politicians for their overuse of The Sphinx’s favorite rhetorical device. Slate has put a name to the tactic (it’s called antimetabole, apparently).
And always remember, learn to hide your strikes from your opponent, and you’ll more easily strike his hide.

Ahh, The Memories…

I used to be one of the Blob launchers (whose feet you can barely see in-frame to the right) during my tenure at good ol’ Camp Brookwoods, while fellow counselor Jay Dunning was the launchee. Never got that much height, though.

I simply cannot wait to send my kids off to summer camp! Oh the memories, stories and scars they’re sure to collect, given their relation to me…

Kudos For Praized

Yes, I avoided the “praise for Praized” pun. My buddy Stephane (he of fellow WPhone fame) and his workmates have gone live with their social app, Praized. Think of it as a Web 2.0-ish Angie’s List, with local business/hotspot search and reviews (“Praize”/”Raze”, depending upon your level of Customer Support Mojo™). They’ve got Movable Type and WordPress plugins ready to download and they’ve got a Facebook app too.
So once again, congrats guys! Here’s to wishing you success!

…To The Dump, To The Dump, To The Dump Dump DUMP!

That’s right, folks, it’s time for another browser-clearing session ’round these parts, so strap in and enjoy.
What’s worse than finding out that a former classmate was published in Linux Journal? Finding out that he works for Google and races BMWs on the weekends, of course. Hi, Laz!
The world’s oldest profession? Not recession proof. How did I know about this? CNN Headline news decided it was newsworthy enough for a noontime story slot. I think we’re going to need a smaller violin, folks.
The creator of that Big Picture blog I mentioned the other day was interviewed over at Pretty interesting stuff. And, if you’re interested in seeing ground-level shots from the Midwest flooding, the Red Cross started a category on their WordPress blog devoted to galleries from their on-the-scene staff. There are some very cool and moving shots among those posted, so give it a look.
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Curse and blast! Above is the screen that I am now resigned to staring at each day until my Wii returns from the Nintendo service depot.
It started exhibiting “visual tearing” (little black shimmery spots) artifacts a few months ago, particularly in Zack & Wiki and Super Mario Galaxy, so much so that Z&W almost looked like a swarm of microscopic gnats was inside the TV and taking issue with Zack’s slow progress. So, just when I started getting friends (and friends) playing Mario Kart over teh Intarnet, I decided to send the stinkin’ thing in for service, as my warranty was creeping up towards expiration and I just wanted to have the whole thing over with. Of course, the day I send the Wii on its merry way, I arrive home to have my son say “Please, Daddy, can we play some Wii tennis or baseball?” in his best Dickensian waif imitation. Just about tore my heart out.
So Nintendo, hurry up! Daddy’s got some family bowling to attend to and some friends to race!

Whopping, Hearty Congratulations Are In Order

My best buddy Brad and his wife just gave birth to their first child, Kate Emerson, yesterday evening. Momma and baby are doing well by all accounts. I have no firsthand accounts of Brad’s behavior, but I’m willing to bet he’s tickled pink.
Drop by and leave him your compliments.