I’ve been in the market for a new powersupply (450W) for my computer for a while and I happened upon a special over on DealSonic the other day which gave me the opportunity to buy a whole new case for less than a 450W power supply. I jumped at the chance.
FedEx was supposed to deliver it yesterday, except they screwed up and sent it to Allentown. Since I was going to be at work all day today and I didn’t want FedEx to leave without dropping off my package, I simply left a handwritten note to the effect of: “I won’t be here, leave it on the back porch, thanks. Signed…” etc.
I checked my fedex.com tracking screen earlier today and absolutely had to grab this gem of a screenshot:

Paging Mr. B. Ackdoor. Mr. Ackdoor.

Note the “Signed for by:” line. (Click the image for a higher-quality version)
“What’s that? No, there’s no Mr. Ackdoor here. Hold on…
Nope, no Ackdoors in the phone book, first name ‘B.’ or otherwise. Sorry.”

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