Turkey Soda Follow-Up

Speaking of getting into the Christmas spirit:
X-Entertainment has weighed in with their review of the Jones Soda Holiday Pack (previously mentioned here). While the pack is fairly obviously a gag (no pun intended) gift, those intrepid X-E’ers actually set out to taste test the concoctions.
It doesn’t bode well for a product when quotes like this:

It’s also one of the few Holiday Pack flavors that doesn’t smell like a lawsuit in wait.

are the best of the bunch.
And, just in case you were wondering, they’ve also reviewed that ever-so-questionable new Pepsi product, “Pepsi Holiday Spice” for your, errrm, edification.
WARNING/WARNUNG/AVERTISSEMENT/ADVERTENCIA: X-E is decidedly an “R-rated” site, by which I mean they’re prone to using extremely juvenile language and concepts not unheard of in a South Park episode. You’ve been warned.

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