Free Travel Day On The PA Turnpike

If you’ve been putting off that cross-commonwealth trip from Philly to Pittsburgh, now’s the time to do it! The toll-takers’ union has refused to send their members to work today.
And here I am, using my EZ Pass like a sucker…
The ever-insightful Scott Ott has his own take on the issue:

“You can’t just go out in the streets and find people who want to spend their days sitting down, listening to loud music and acting surly while taking money from people and putting it in a drawer,” said an unnamed spokesman for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. “Who’s going to do that for only $39,000 per year plus fully paid health insurance, eye and dental coverage, a prescription drug benefits program, 15 paid holidays, 10 sick days per year, four weeks vacation after 16 years and participation in the state retirement program.?”

Heh. Go read the whole thing, then spend some quality time on his site.