As you’ve probably noticed, I appear to have fixed Literal Barrage.
Here’s the skinny on what happened, as far as I can tell:
Speakeasy (my DSL provider) seems to have performed some maintenance on my DSL circuit or at their CO which appears to have confused the heck out of my DSL modem. As I sat in Texas, I had all manner of dire fears to explain the downtime, some about my computer’s hard disk crashing, others about our house burning down and still others about us coming home to find our house looted of all valuables, but happily, it was just the stupid modem.
Still, this has served to force my hand. I’d been considering moving the site to a dedicated web hosting provider recently after a quick series of calculations indicated to me that I could host it on someone else’s computers for less money than it takes to pay the power bill for leaving my computer on at home 24/7.
After doing some quick scouting and getting some advice from the denizens of the Fedora mailing list, I decided to go with Vizaweb. For around ~$6/month, I get unlimited mySQL DBs, unlimited email addresses, 1GB of file storage, 70GB of web transfer, ssh access to my virtual host and a whole slew of other stuff. So far, my impressions of their service have been great, but I’ll let you know more as I gain more experience.
Anyways, it’s good to be fully back on-line. I’ll work on moving the content over from the backup ASAP.
Oh, and happy 2005!