Steve Jobs Has The President’s Ear (Literally!)

I know that, at least publically, the Bush clan has had a bit of a rocky relationship with technology, with Segways and barcode scanners featuring prominently in this saga.
It’s largely a bum rap, but I was still surprised to find that Dubya is, in fact an iPod user. (Yes, those are his hands. See also here and here for other photos of Dubya with the iPod). The entire photo gallery is worth taking a look at, as it offers a wonderfully personable view into some of the daily activities of the President. (I’ve cached the photos on LB because the gallery won’t let you link directly to the pics themselves. Please, go visit the entire site. The pictures in question are #’s 27, 28 and 29).
This also answers the question as to what the mysterious bulge under Bush’s coat in the second debate was…
Source: Engadget.