Your Scottish Slang Scots Word O’ The Day: Stramash

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(stra·mash) Dialect, chiefly Scot. ~n.
1. an uproar; a violent commotion or rowdy behavior; a melee. (“And players from both teams have now become embroiled in what can only be described as a giant stramash inside the penalty box“).
2. state of heightened excitement or rage. [similar to stushie, stooshie]

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[…] It’s a very slow day here at the NHS – just one lot of audio typing today, and that was very easy. A little filing, reading the paper, and I’m pretty much done. May well come home early and do bank stuff. Yay.Lately, I’ve been playing God Of War (a Christmas present from ashfae), which is great fun. You can throw lightning bolts, turn enemies to stone, call down a storm, and the main weapons are two swords on huge chains. Much satisfying massacring of evil going on. (And, if you’re feeling evil, you can also get health by slaughtering innocent bystanders callously. Tsk.) An excellent game if you have high gore tolerance, so far, with satisfyingly huge monsters to wallop.And also, today’s Scots word of the day: “stramash”. Usually a big fight, can sometimes just mean a crowd getting rowdy. Here is the Guardian’s comment on it – and an American take on it, with a selection of others. […]

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