A Plug For A Company In No Need Of A Plug: Google

Have you tried out Google Maps (beta) yet?
No? Still using MapQuest, eh?
Cease and desist, puny mortal, for Google Maps rules all map sites with an iron fist! It’s an impressive beast, to say the least.
No more entering addresses into an arcane form. GM lets you put semi-natural language queries into a single text entry area. Say I wanted to get from West Chester, PA to Boston, MA. I could just type in from west chester, pa to boston, ma and be done with it. Et voila! (Now, for fun, click on the turn-by-turn directions on the right hand side of the screen. Note the über-cool drop-shadowed zoom balloon).
Let’s get even a bit trickier. I’m in the mood for some Indian cuisine, so let’s type in indian restaurants in philadelphia, pa. Cool, eh? Click on one of the “pins” and note the balloon that pops up, giving you the phone number and the ability to plot a course for any of the restaurants.
Want to scroll around, see the surrounding area a bit more? Just “grab” the map with your left mouse button. Note the map being drawn on the fly as you scroll off the edges of it.
I’m too impressed for words. Goodbye, MapQuest! See you later, MapsOnUs!