Nicknaming The USS Jimmy Carter

Apparently, it’s rather common for ships of the US Navy to be given widely-accepted nicknames that more accurately portray their namesakes. For instance, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is apparently known as “the Big Stick”, the USS Ronald Reagan is known as “the Gipper”, etc..
This raises the interesting question of what the newly-christened attack/spy submarine USS Jimmy Carter should be nicknamed. Some have suggested “the Malaise“, “the Attack Rabbit” or something to do with peanut farming. I hereby submit my nominations for the ship’s official nickame:

  • “the Billy Beer Can”
  • “World’s First Nookyular Sub”
  • “USS Impure Thoughts”
  • “Submerged Habitat for Humanity”
  • and, if there’s any justice in the world, “History’s Greatest Monster


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