Comical Word Coinage

I must have missed out on the point when the Lefty side of the media coined this one (as it’s apparently been around for a bit), but James Taranto used “karlrovian conspiracy” in today’s Best of the Web.
Heh. First time I’ve seen it used, but I think it just rolls off the tongue. Now I just need to figure out how to work it into a conversation with my lefty colleagues in order to lampoon their paranoid conspiracy tendencies. For a couple of them, there’s a Rove behind every bush.
Errrm, pun not intended, but hey, I made a funny!

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What a fool I was..I thought I’d invented it the other day and sent it as an editorial comment To Jim Taranto.
Should have checked “google”
It’s due to be a classic…
Even read “Tales from the Deep South” by Joel Chandler Harris?
His description of a standoff between a rabbit & a bear is the essense of Karlrovian logic