What Timing!

No sooner do I post about Best Buy (cbtn) then I notice a thread on Fark pointing to this Gizmodo entry (pointing to this AnandTech forum thread which, in turn, reprints a Baltimore Sun article that the Sun website puts behind a registration lock and key, so just use the AT thread to read the story) about a man who, as a form of protest for dismal service received at a Baltimore-area Best Buy (cbtn), decided to pay his bill in $2 bills.
In turn, Best Buy (cbtn) had the man arrested for possibly passing counterfeit currency. If that doesn’t say “Customer unfriendly atmosphere,” I don’t know what does. May they someday be bought out and run into the ground by Sam Walton’s progeny.
The consumers speak with a united voice! Behold, BestBuySux.org!

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