Geek Street Cred Post Of The Day

  • Darth Vader has started a blog. While his posts are funny enough, the comments provide auxiliary comedy by proving that even the Dark Lord of the Sith isn’t immune from job offers from the I.R.S. and Nigerian scam email.
  • Kevin Smith has seen Episode III and apparently loved it, which gives this Olde Tyme Star Wars fan hope. WARNING: Link contains mega plot spoilers and language worthy of a Kevin Smith movie (read: very naughty cussing, kids).
  • The full Batman Begins trailer was finally released today. Looks absoultely phenomenal. In fact, it looks as though it may finally exorcise the movie franchise from the hideous disfigurement it suffered under Joel Schumacher in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.
  • Mac OSX Tiger will be available tomorrow. Looks awesome. I’m very much looking forward to my work-supplied Mac that should be arriving any day now…