A Constitutional Trump Card

Dear residents of New London, CT:
As the Supreme Court of the United States has seen fit to abridge your rights as guaranteed under the 5th Ammendment to the United States Constitution, I sincerely believe that it would behoove you greatly to look into your rights guaranteed under the 2nd Ammendment to said Constitution and make use of the freedoms guaranteed therein, should the bulldozers come calling.
A duly concerned Fellow Citizen
(Discussion on the disgusting Kelo SCOTUS decision rounded up here, here and here by Glenn Reynolds, here by Michelle Malkin, here by Jeff Goldstein [with bonus postmodern criticism here], and commented on by Todd Zywicki here. There are multitudinous reactions contained within those summations and you can get a pretty good feeling on the people’s reactions to this travesty in them, so read them all or read a select few – the reactions are largely the same.)