“God Bless This Honorable Court!”

…For, while I may condemn their “Ten Commandments” decisions, lo, they have reaped many comedic benefits!
Jeff Goldstein:

9 Favorite snack foods enjoyed by recent Supreme Court ruling majorities
1. (By rule of law, I’m allowed to take your) Devil Dogs
2. Reese’s Pieces
3. Tropical Fruit-flavored Starburst fruit chews
4. (Sorry, but I’m willing to toast them, which increases their value. So technically, those are my) Pop-Tarts
5. (tie) Nacho Cheese Doritos / my Twix bar
6. Cheddar-flavored Goldfish
7. Keep-Your-Filthy-10-Commandments-Out-of-My-Comfortable-Secular-Space- You-Crazy-Fundie Crunch (with caramel and peanut clusters)
8. Pringles
9. Shredded Wheat-n’-Constitution (with Raisins)

Scrappleface: Court Allows 10 Commandments on Seized Land.