Oh, How Quickly We Forget!

It’s always tough when a good friend decides to perpetrate open slander upon your good character, but I never expected it from Brad!
Well, sir, consider your challenge accepted! Those who call their friends’ high school behavior “sorry” might want to mind their tongues, lest said friends remind them that they:

  • Memorized the exact combo necessary to pull off a 28 hit combo using Orchid on the Super Nintendo version of Killer Instinct and spent the better part of several nights “practicing” it.
  • Kicked their Sega Genesis across the room because the Bengals managed to run a kickoff back on their precious All-Madden squad after they racked up a 110-0 lead. The Genesis and his copy of Madden ’94 never were quite the same after that.
  • Stayed up all night playing Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.
  • Developed pet nicknames for all of their X-Com: UFO Defense squad members.
  • Played modem-to-modem games of Duke Nukem 3D and Descent for hours with Yours Truly.
  • Oh yes, and introduced Y.T. to Beyond Exiled, the game in question, as well as equipping Y.T. with his first Vorpal Blade and entree into the GT Archangels guild.

So, Mr. Rochmontford, consider your challenge met! Pick your weapon, pick your second! I’m not going down alone on this one.

3 Replies to “Oh, How Quickly We Forget!”

  1. Have at you, I slap you with the fish. Oh yeah and for those reading:
    1. He is just jealous that the killer combo beat the loving crap out of Cinder (sounds like a drunk on the video game…Shindar) when he played.
    2. Yeah well you would too if the Bengals scored on you!
    3. I believe AC was on your computer sir!
    4. I believe you were in cahoots with XCom as well…in fact you posted about it previously in your blog!
    Oh yeah….Rochmontford…I’m screwed for life.

  2. You misunderstand me. I’m not faulting you for displaying the behaviors listed above; rather, I am reminding you that those who live[d] in geek places of residence ought not use upper torso appendages to cast igneous projectiles at high velocities.
    Plus, Cinder? You know I always a Jago/Glacius player.

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