Cold Fury… Rising.

I just got off the phone with the local VW dealership and I am pissed off. I had my Passat in to the shop for a little look at the transmission (several warning lights had been going off and Bob, service manager extraordinare, thought it best that I bring it in) and thought nothing further about it.
Well, Bob called me back and said

  1. they couldn’t find anything wrong with it today
  2. they’d like to keep it overnight to run some more tests
  3. according to their internal VW systems, my warranty expired in April of this year

I bought this car in November of ’03 from the jerks over at [redacted] and they assured me that it was merely a showroom model and that I was receiving what was, for all intents and purposes, a new vehicle. Turns out they registered it as new in April and sold it to me as a used car. So, not only am I out a warranty, I also paid them new car prices for a used car.
I’m going home, getting my paperwork together and then seeking legal counsel. Immediately. Those sons of motherless goats at Colonial are going to pay.
Removed the name of the offending dealership. Figured I’d rather not give ’em any press at all until this whole thing is sorted.


Welcome to the unfortunate world of VW Stealerships. Of all the things VW does right, their dealer network is what kills them. What good is it to instill good feelings from a car only to have to put up with this sort of stuff all the time?
Anyway – definitely consult your paperwork. Also, call VW USA and let them know you are NOT pleased. They may be able to help. They have a new boss, and a new charter to improve their sales, and by default their dealership network. Expose the scum so they can clean the pond. Consider contacting one of the local news outlets. This is right up their alley. Especially in “Gas Crunch 2007”
Sorry it happened to you. Let the negative publicity begin.