The Comfy Chair!

Well Glory Be, the Funk’s (partially) on Me! The chairs were just delivered. Or, I should say, the chair was just delivered.
In another stunning example of my incredible Customer Service Mojo, one of the chairs arrived broken. I shall be calling PB and complaining forthwith, though I do expect my usual amount of trouble in trying to get a replacement shipped out.
I missed work… why?

Home From Work Today…

We ordered some chairs from Pottery Barn a couple of weeks ago and they were supposed to be delivered tonight, between 4 and 8pm. Those chuckleheads called yesterday and left a message saying they’d be here between 12 and 4pm, so I had to stay home from work today and wait for them. I’m doing a bit of blogging and a bit of telecommuting work, but thank goodness for flex time.
I just hope those delivery guys don’t pull a Verizon and show up 1.5 hours after they’re supposed to. Given my luck with customer service, I’m willing to bet they will.

I Hate The Northeast

There, I’ve said it.
I don’t know what it is about this area that affects peoples’ souls, but there’s definitely something. The more I step back and observe the behavior of those around me, the more I want to move somewhere else. Colorado, say, or Montana. Less people, more snow. More gooder, in my estimation.
Case in point:
The wife and I were making the rounds yesterday, hitting Best Buy, where I got to play the part of Extremely Dissatisfied Customer with Bone to Pick, then Target, then a PA Liquor store for some wine, then Whole Foods. Fairly normal for a Saturday afternoon.
The first three stops went off with no major hitches, other than the fact that the BB service attendant was so blissfully, willfully ignorant that he simply wasn’t getting that I was incredibly peeved and that Corporate HQ Would Be Hearing About This, I Can Assure You.
Electronics, Housewares and Alcohol under our belt, we headed for our preferred Food vendor. We wended our way through a maze of parking lot side streets that are all too common in the Willow Grove/Abbington/Jenkintown corridor and pulled up to a stop sign, left blinker on to signal intent.
It was then that the Northeastern spirit truly reared its ugly head.
An oldish woman (late 50’s, early 60’s most likely) in an old Nissan Sentra came flying up from our left on the cross-street where we were stopped. We showed no intention of pulling out in front of her, nor did the woman in the Acura SUV in the right turn lane next to us. Apparently, the old woman thought one of us capable of pulling out in front of her and testing both our accelerator and her brake, so she laid on a good 3 second blast on her horn and proceeded to give us a full on finger. The experience was so jarring that first I and my wife and then I and the lady in the Acura exchanged “Did you just see that? What the…?” looks.
Perhaps she was having a bad day. Perhaps she has something against Passats or MDXs. I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before, nor do I hope to in the future. It just hurt my heart though, that a sweet old grandmotherly woman would be so conditioned by other drivers as to preemptively flip the bird.