Hola, ninos!
Well, it’s official, there’s no more need for me to exploit y’alls collective knowledge. I scooted over to Scott Honda last night and found myself a 2005 Odyssey EX-L with leather, DVD system, power side doors, moon roof, and all on a vehicle with only 36,000 miles on it.
So, situation managed. Dios freakin’ mio! I own a minivan!

Further Reader Minivan Bleg

You guys were great the last go-round, so I figured I’d solicit further advice.
Here’s the situation: We’re looking at an ’06 Honda Odyssey. Y’all (and others) were convincing in your arguments and I’ve decided that loyalty to ancestors is great, but when it makes you neglect your current family, it needs to be gently placed aside.
So we’re looking into this particular Odyssey (side note: I absolutely hate typing that word. Henceforth, it shall be The Honda) and the dealer’s website offers a free Carfax for all used vehicles. I clicked through and noted that The Honda has had only one owner, 22k miles and is listed as in good repair. It also notes that in July ’07, it was in an accident in which front and side airbags were deployed. It’s a Honda Certified vehicle, which should count for something, but now I’m very disinclined to pursue it, as driving a formerly-crashed vehicle just doesn’t seem wise to me.
So, what say you? Is it okay to pursue a car that’s been in more than a simple fender-bender? Or should I stop now and look elsewhere?