The Beginnings Of A K2 Mod

I’ve been running my blog on the excellent K2 theme/mod for quite a little while and, while K2 is a very nice, very slick theme, I have long wanted the option of having a third column for content and/or extra navigational content. There are at least two mods to K2 that allow for 3 columns that I know of: Ayadin’s 3k2 and Bharath Kumar’s 3ColumnK2. While these two implementations are nice, I wanted a bit more flexibility in my design.
Enter Layout Gala, which I discovered a couple of months ago. Alessandro Fulciniti put together a spate of 40 simplistic 3-column designs, all using the exact same base HTML and using CSS to style the columns in such a way as to make multiple complex layouts possible. The base HTML is remarkably similar to the code at the base of K2, so I mused for a long time about attempting to integrate the two. I’ve finally decided to muse no more and put my code where my mouth is.
Thus, I’m officially announcing development of K3x40, a mod to K2 that will allow for users to choose between around 40 different iterations of 3 column variants of K2, all based on Layout Gala’s CSS hacks. I’m rather excited about it and am looking to get things cranking along very soon now.
There’s nothing to download as of yet, and the code is sure to change quite dramatically as I start to get a feel for this whole thing, but you can see it in (very basic) form over at my test blog and even check out a copy from the Subversion repo if you’re feeling particularly brave.
Your comments, questions, suggestions and offers of coding help are always welcome. *grin*