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Pre-K Jargon File

About a year ago, my wife and I were in the midst of watching the classic Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie-helmed Jeeves and Wooster and we were allowing our kids to watch it along with us. We had been watching episodes each…

Compound German Neologism Of The Day: Apfelzerstörenangst

Apfelzerstörenangst noun Literally: Apple destroying anxiety or dread The sense of existential dread one experiences in the moments after dropping one’s lunch sack and having heard a sickening “thunk”, thus assuring the bruised-beyond-recognition of one’s apple.

“SAT Words”

I used to be regularly derided by friends and acquaintances of all stripe for my use of “SAT words”, generally defined as words that do not see regular use in the populace at large and thus achieve a “nerdy” gloss.…