Video Mashups Of The Geeky Kind

Three quick hits for you here. First, Battlestar LOSTica:

Next, Gradius as an Infocom-style text adventure game:

Last, the very Internet meme-y “Pork & Beans” video from Weezer:

Told you they were geeky.

Fun With Analogies: LOST And Computer Role-Playing Games

defective yeti penned an amusing post in which he first lays out the central problem of LOST‘s continuing (over)use of a certain plot development ploy, namely: an unending stream of mysteries designed to confound the viewers beyond measure. (Mild profanities redacted in this quote; note that they remain in-place at the actual article.)

Here’s a hypothetical example (hypothetical in the sense that I just made all this up; again, no spoilers in this post.) An episode ends with someone on LOST finding a leather-bound tome entitled “Secrets of the Island.” Yes! Finally we’ll learn what’s going on! But in the next installment, that person opens the book to discover that the whole thing is written in ancient indecipherable pictograms. [Darnit]! But in the last five minutes, someone notices that the final third of the book is blank, and the ink of the last entry is fresh! “It’s a work-in-progress,” says Major Character. “Someone is still writing it!!” And in the last five minutes of the next episode it is revealed via flashback that Other Major Character studied Ancient Indecipherable Pictology in college–holy [crap]!!!! And this goes on for three more episodes, at which point Major Character confronts Other Major Character with the book, and he (O.M.C.) confesses that he is using the book to record the movements of the other castaways, but only because a giant, ambulatory, sentient coconut threatened to kill him if he didn’t. And you, the viewer, are, like, “well, I’m glad the mystery of the book is cleared up BUT WHAT’S THIS ABOUT A GIANT AMBULATORY SENTIENT COCONUT??!!!” Lots and lots of clues (and episodes about clues), but you’re not one jot closer to understanding the central mystery. And meanwhile the LOST prop department is hastily burying the book in a Superfund site, hoping that no one remembers the title.

He then goes on to compare this process with the leveling/”grinding” phenomenon so common in computer role-playing games. The X-Files and Twin Peaks are also mentioned. Go forth and read!

“Lost” Goes The “Battlestar Galactica” Route – Boo!

BSG fans are intimately familiar with the schedule that Sci Fi has chosen for that particular hit TV show – air about half the episodes in a set block of weeks, then break for a span of multiple months, then resume the season and play it out in another block of weeks. Well, it looks as if the producers of ABC’s Lost are looking to do the same to Lost. I guess it means we’ll see a heckuva cliffhanger in week 7 and then no new episodes for a long, long time.