A Concession, Of Sorts

Since YouTube pulled the GT-R video the other day, I figured y’all might want to take a look at Autoblog’s take on the LHD US version of the beast. To wit:

Of course we tried "Launch Control." Flip a few switches and slide a few levers, all in perfect sequence, and a fully depressed gas pedal will bring the engine to a steady 4,500 rpm. Side-step the brake and a second goes by… tic… and then… BAAAAAM! The rear tires spin a bit while the fronts just cleanly hook up. Your neck snaps back as the car rips, claws, and tears at the pavement. Don't forget to shift, about once per second, as the GT-R screams to part the atmosphere. When the time comes to reign in the gargoyle, massive Brembo brakes – 15-inch rotors in the front chomped by 6-piston calipers – bring nearly two tons of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber to a stop without any drama. It goes brutally fast. It stops just as violently. It is so much fun.

Ohhh, mamma!

Nissan GT-R

You Brits think you’re so cool, what with your Top Gear and whatnot. Well, TG’s testdrive of the new GT-R solidly cements that coolness for all time.

Holy cow. Only nit to pick with the video: guys, buy some racing tires or something. The squealing through the corners was just plain painful.