Nissan GT-R

You Brits think you’re so cool, what with your Top Gear and whatnot. Well, TG’s testdrive of the new GT-R solidly cements that coolness for all time.

Holy cow. Only nit to pick with the video: guys, buy some racing tires or something. The squealing through the corners was just plain painful.

4 responses to “Nissan GT-R”

  1. Aron Rubin Avatar

    There’s probably a good reason for the squealing. Those tires are being tortured. That reminds me of the monster barbie car I built for high school physics class (a long time ago now). The project was to build a shoebox sized racer without electric or combustion. I had three acetylene tanks filled with air at 100 psi manifolded to a die grinder turbine using a vacuum cleaner belt to the axel of a rather modded Barbie car. In early versions the car did not move anywhere, as the tires just evaporated. I tried giving it a push after releasing the valve and a little lift from the ground made the tires expand from 1.5in to 6in. Later I actually glued sandpaper to the wheels and wrapped wire around the outside. I also needed to adjust the output to ramp up in die grinder valve.

  2. Andy II Avatar

    Video gone….boo 🙁

  3. Doug Avatar

    Boooo, indeed. Can’t seem to find it on teh YuoToob at this point either.
    It was very impressive. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or be British. Or maybe get BBC America.

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