I am in shock. After spending most of last week in New Hampshire, I returned to find an email in my inbox from my best friend, the upshot of which was: his life sucks. He took some extra time to graduate and was all set to (finally) get an engineering job that was ideally placed (i.e., a couple hours’ drive from his girlfriend). In interest of doing so, he took a complete physical. Turns out he has ITP, a fairly rare blood disease where his antibodies eat his own platelettes, making blood clotting impossible.
Since he couldn’t pass his physical, the engineering firm he was slated to work for said “Why don’t we hold off on your actually working here until you’re all better, mmmkay?”
So now, he’s up the proverbial creek, sans flat-bladed hydropropulsion device, because said firm wrote back and said “You know what? This is taking too long. Why don’t you reapply for the job when you’re ready, mmmmkay?”
Still haven’t gotten to the shocking part, though. I found out last night that his younger sister was killed in a car crash Saturday night on Route 206 near Princeton. The weather was so bad that they couldn’t medivac her; they had to take her by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Philly.
I just don’t know how to take it. She was a very intelligent, very beautiful young woman taken from us far too early.
The Trenton Times blurb can be seen here.