And So It Begins…

With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s announcement last night, the Day of the Living Puns has begun. Fox & Friends ran a segment on him titled “The Running Man”. He has terminated months of speculation as to whether he’ll run and terminated the suspense. Mancow (on F&F) said that Larry Flynt is planning on “rolling” for the governor’s position in opposition to Arnold. LGF positions Ah-nold as the Governator. And, yes, it was inevitable, this will indeed be a Total Recall. However, who wrote that Arnold fired a Sniper shot? Don’t they know that that was Tom Berenger?

Sheesh. I just hope the media gets this out of their system before Arnold has to use the line-item veto. I do not want to hear “This line…has been turr-mon-ated,” nor do I look forward to hearing how the CA gov’t has been Predatory towards its citizens, nor do I wish to hear how this recall is a Raw Deal. Speak not to me of this being Davis’ End of Days. And I swear, yea, by Conan’s sword, that if anyone, anyone talks of Erase[r]ing CA’s debt, I will flip out.

Now, let’s all hope that Ah-nold is able to “crush [his] enemies, see them driven before [him], and to hear the lamentation of [the Democrats]! ”
[UPDATE] And, of course, there’s now talk of an Arnold vs. “Arnold” race in-the-making. Let’s hope Gallagher doesn’t “smash” their electoral hopes! (I know, I know. Somebody hit me, please.)

[UPDATE AGAIN]’s front page now headlines the story as “Pumping Up Sacramento”.
[UPDATE YET AGAIN]’s headline now: “Conan the Candidate” and Taranto stole Fox & Friends’ line in today’s Best of the Web