Exhibit 13

I know this sounds completely stupid, but I’m sitting here watching the Blue Man Group Complex Tour “freeview” on DirecTV and I’m almost ready to shed a tear or two.
There’s a song on the Complex album called “Exhibit 13”. I never really knew the origin of the title or what the song meant, but the freeview added context for me. “Exhibit 13” refers to a piece of paper that blew into a yard in Brooklyn following the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11. As the Blue Men play the song, the giant multimedia screen behind them shows a variety of scraps of paper that all landed in that particular yard in Brooklyn. It’s a very sobering and moving experience to see and it’s made me realize anew just how I haven’t gotten over September 11th.
I know I’ll never forget.
Then, they ended the concert with a Blue Man-ized version of “Teenage Wasteland”. Too cool.
I’m really sorry I missed the tour when it came to Philly.

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[…] I've written previously in this space about the morning of September 11, 2001 and each and every word still holds true: I still ache at the memory of that clear Tuesday morning. I largely forget about the raw emotions for most of the year, but when the tributes, interviews and analyses start flowing forth from every conceivable media orifice, I can't hold back my feelings. […]