Indecision 2004

Well, Toomey lost yesterday. He lost by somewhere between 15k-20k votes (~2% of the votes cast). Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed, and not just because I dislike Specter so much. PA Republicans missed a genuine opportunity yesterday, not only to dethrone one of the worst GOP senators, but also to place a real conservative in the Senate. Toomey was just about everything I look for in a candidate: pro-life, anti-gov’t bloat, in favor of tax cuts and fiscal conservatism, and pro-Israel, everything that Specter isn’t.
Prior to the primary, I had suggested that I would vote for Hoeffel if Specter won. I’m recanting on that count. I couldn’t pull the lever for him in good conscience, so, in the grand tradition established by Specter himself, I’m advocating PA Republicans seek a third way: vote “Not proven” on Specter in November. Maintain the proud traditions of Scottish law. Don’t vote for him, don’t vote against him, just don’t vote for the Senate race. You could even write in “Not proven” on your ballots.
Live by the claymore, die by the claymore, I always say.